Let’s save some money

Let’s save some money

So, the economy is tightening for everyone in the middle class it seems, and I decided to explore some options this week.

Just three examples of some major money savings I found this week:

1. I called our cell phone company and found out we pay for 3,000 minutes a month as a family plan but only use about 1,000. We also had a wireless internet card (at $60 a month) that didn’t work that great and we don’t use that much.  So I cancelled the $60 a month wireless card and lowered our minutes from 3,000 to 1,400 (next lowest plan). Savings a month = $120 – Savings a year = $1,440

2. A few years ago, we got talked into using some local phone company that our average landline monthly bill was $60 with .05 per minute long distance. I bundled with our internet and cable company, and dropped our payments to $30 a month WITH unlimited long distance to US and Canada. Savings a month = $30 –  Savings a year = $360

3. We bought my car at CarMax (great place to buy a car) but the interest rate was 7.25% on the loan. I applied at the local credit union and got a refinance rate of 2.99% Savings a month = $110 – Savings a year = $1,320 (Savings over the life of the loan = $5,280)

So just this week by shopping around, I saved us $200 a month and $2,400 a year.

Last one – using coupons and reading the grocery flyer and being part of the grocery store “club” I saved 40% on my last grocery shopping bill.  And it wasn’t even hard!  (One great tip: buy 6 bottles of wine at a time and get additional 10% off.  You’re gonna drink it eventually…)

Feeling kinda good about all this.

Feeling kinda dumb I didn’t do it sooner…