Leftovers – now what?

Buzzfeed has a list of creative things to do with all those leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. I picked the four I can imagine trying.

But there are lots more over at Buzzfeed – click here to see more.

This double-decker specimen from Spoon Fork Bacon uses a slice of bread soaked in gravy (I repeat: SOAKED IN GRAVY) as a middle layer. That sounds like a really good idea.

How about going healthy?  This turkey club salad can make you feel downright healthy after yesterday’s feast.  From the folks at Framed Cooks.

Turkey and wild mushroom risotto – just screams tasty, doesn’t it?  Recipe by Sam Sifton at Bon Appetit.

And what’s Thanksgiving leftovers without a soup at the end of the tasty journey?  Turkey and wild rice soup from A Farm Girl Dabbles.  Definitely happening in my kitchen this weekend.

More ideas over at Buzzfeed.