Las Vegas: Hosting 2013 Pride Night Parade

Quick shot during a break with Dayna Roselli and Chris Saldana

After so many years of attending the Las Vegas Pride Night Parade, it was uber-cool to be a part of it as I co-hosted the TV broadcast of the parade with Las Vegas’ favorite news anchors & hosts Chris Saldana and Dayna Roselli. The two veterans made life easy for me in my TV hosting debut as I got to be in the middle of the excitement.

With over 80 participating groups in the parade, I was wondering if we’d get it done in the 2 hour telecast. But the parade organizers AND Cox Cable kept the whole shindig on track. Talk about a well-oiled machine. The streets were packed in downtown Las Vegas, the weather (which in the afternoon was pretty scary) turned out perfect, and a great time was had by all.

Cox Cable is an amazing LGBT ally throughout the year. Consider this parade telecast alone: Cox Cable brings the parade LIVE to Cox customers and streams the show live on at no cost to Pride organizers or to the community. And they re-air the telecast 10 times throughout the month of September on Cox channel 96 – or channel 1096 for HD. You can check the schedule to at

My hubby Michael was there the whole time taking some pics, so here’s a few.

Chris Saldana giving color commentary while Dayna and I take in the parade

I’m guessing I was making some comment about marriage equality… 🙂

Chris Saldana and I watching the parade approach on the monitor

Watching the big parade go by

And we get guests at the telecast booth!  Chippendales Ryan Stuart dropped by to talk Pride

End of the night with Michael, Dayna Roselli and Chris Saldana