Ladies – let a sexy guy remind you about self-breast exam

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, I give you the “Your Man Reminder” video. And thanks to my friend Joel Benjamin for the tep.

The video is very fun and points to an app women can download to remind them to do breast self-exams monthly. This app is a regular reminder and a little bit of encouragement from a hot guy of your choice to check your breasts.

Another thing I like about this video is it is very light-hearted and fun. Which is a good approach to get women to do self-exams without getting too “technical” or “scary” about cancer.

While a breast self-exam can never take the place of a proper medical exam, by doing self-breast exams on a regular basis women basically build a mental “data base” of what is ‘normal’ for them. That way, should they find something unusual or irregular, they can make an appointment with their doctor for further exam. The main point being – early detection is KEY.

Olivia Newton-John, a breast cancer ‘thriver’ and advocate actually helped develop a simple device called ‘The Liv’ to help facilitate self-exams. The LIV is a self-examination aid that is designed to help women examine their breast tissue. It molds to the skin and provides a smooth surface for the fingers to easily glide over the breast tissue. I highly recommend checking out the link to The Liv. Great, simple idea.