Josh Duggar Once Made An Incest Joke

Back in 2008, during an episode of 17 Kids & Counting (they had more kids since then), Josh Duggar made a joke about incest.

In light of his recent admission of fondling young girls during his teens (some of them possibly his sisters), the video clip is getting a second look. Pretty creepy when you consider his “inexcusable” behavior had occurred by this point.

From Bilerico Project:

In the Duggar family, all courting experiences must contain a chaperone. His sister Jinger couldn’t chaperone him and Anna, his future wife on a date. So Josh explains that he decided to go out with two of his siblings, Jana and John. He calls it a “double-date.”

“So, we chose Jana and John David – we thought why not, have a double date,” Josh said. The camera then cuts back to Josh and he says, “We are from Arkansas!”

Even though Josh’s joke was made about Jana and John David dating, his comments are being called into question since the video has resurfaced.