Jonathan Groff in OUT Magazine

Jonathan Groff in OUT Magazine
Photo via Tim Klein/OUT Magazine

Jonanthan Groff is a busy man.  Currently shooting his TV series “Boss” with Kelsey Grammer and starring in the play RED in Los Angeles opposite Alfred Molina, it’s hard to catch up to him.

But OUT Magazine managed not only that but a photo shoot, too.

In the interview, Groff shares his addiction to Diet Coke and googling himself – both of which he says he’s sworn off.  And, he discusses how coming out was never a big deal for him.

Groff, however, has long been transparent about his sexuality. He came out early in his career at a march for gay rights in Washington, D.C., when a reporter asked him why he was there. “I just told her,” he says. “I sort of always knew, in the back of my mind, that when the moment arrived for me to come out, I would. I wasn’t yanked out of the closet.” Groff was singled out, along with Sean Hayes, in a much criticized 2010 Newsweek article questioning the merits of gay actors playing straight, but his nonchalance on the subject points to a grounded, what-of-it mentality.

“When I came out, people said it may have a negative effect on my career, and that’s definitely something I thought about before I did it,” he admits. “But I don’t hold that belief. I just go on my auditions and plug away as I normally would. At the end of my career, I can look back and ask, ‘Well, did it, or didn’t it?’ But at the moment, I just have to move forward and hope that people will follow my actions.”

Groff also discusses his dilemma of shooting “Boss” in Chicago but having to watch what he eats, meaning no Chicago deep-dish pizza: “I mean, the show is on STARZ, so I definitely get naked at some point.”

Boss’s second season premieres August 17.

RED runs through September 9 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

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