Joan Rivers Names AIDS Charity God’s Love We Deliver In Will

Joan Rivers Names AIDS Charity God’s Love We Deliver In Will

The late Joan Rivers’ will was read in open court this past week where it was disclosed that her only daughter, Melissa, will oversee the estimated $150 million fortune left behind by the comedy legend.

The will named several beneficiaries of the will including daughter Melissa, grandson Edgar Cooper Endicott and her sister Barbara’s children Caroline and Andrew Waxler.

From the Daily Mail:

The late comedian’s will was filed in New York State Surrogate’s Court on Tuesday and reveals she named her daughter as executor of the trust with ‘the broadest and most absolute permissible direction to delegate the fortune to family, friends and charities. Rivers’ business manager Michael D Karlin and interior designer Robert Higdon were named co-executors of the living trust.

Money will also be given to Rivers’ assistants Jocelyn Pickett and Sabrina Lott Miller, and her former publicist Scott Currie.

In addition to leaving funds for her family and business associates, Rivers also left donations for several charities including the AIDS service provider God’s Love We Deliver, which provides meals for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Rivers sadly passed away on September 4th of this year due to a lack of oxygen to her brain during an outpatient procedure.  During the reading of the will this week, there was apparently a passing mention of a potential lawsuit against the clinic that performed the procedure.