Joan Rivers and Bristol Palin to switch places on CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP

Joan Rivers and Bristol Palin to switch places on Celebrity Wife Swap

Get ready for this.

In the June 23rd season premiere episode of Celebrity Wife Swap Joan and Melissa Rivers will switch places with Bristol and Willow Palin according to US Weekly:

Bristol and her son, Tripp, 4, live in Wasilla, Alaska, with Willow. Needless to say, snow in May is a surprise for L.A.-based Melissa and Joan, who arrive to find that Tripp rules the roost. According to ABC’s release, Melissa “finds it a challenge to deal with Tripp’s boyish exuberance.” She thinks he needs more structure and a daily routine.

Meanwhile, at the Rivers’ L.A. home, which doubles as a television production office and the set of three TV shows, every day is scheduled to the minute for Melissa’s son Cooper, 12. The house bustles with cameras and crews, but the family makes sure to always sit down for dinner together. Bristol is surprised by it all, and vows to lighten things up.

I’ve rarely watched the show at all. But yes, I WILL be watching to see what Joan and Melissa inflict on the Bristol Palin household.

My only hope is Mama Sarah “Lipstick Pig” Palin shows up while Joan in on watch…