Jennifer Saunders on Ab Fab movie: “Definitely going to do it”

Jennifer Saunders on Ab Fab movie: “Definitely going to do it”

Rumors of an Absolutely Fabulous feature film have been around for years, ever since the original BBC series starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley first ended and the Roseanne Barr-produced US version was killed.

While many fans thought the concept had been replaced by the three current specials — the first of which appears on BBC America January 8th — the idea still persisted. Saunders, who co-created the show with funny lady Dawn French, even hinted at the possibility on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show.

Now, it seems, the rumors are true.

“Yes, I’m definitely going to do it,” she said in a recent New York Magazine interview. “I’m aiming to shoot this in a beautiful part of the Riviera. I fancy the south of France in the spring.” Saunders also noted in the interview that these three specials came about because of Lumley, who anounced AbFab would be back while she was performing in La Bête on Broadway.

“It was mainly because she announced it that we did it,” Saunders explained in the interview. “She said, ‘Darling, I told them in New York that you’re going to do a few more’. I said, ‘Oh, well, got to tell the BBC’.”

No word yet on the story, shoot date or who’s distributing the movie version of Patsy and Edina’s big screen adventure.