Jaymes Vaughan of Chippendales and Amazing Race on cover of Instinct Magazine

Jaymes Vaughan of the Chippendales and CBS' The Amazing Race

The October Issue of Instinct has always been a “vacation/travel” issue, with great gay destinations near and far  to explore—and the 2012 edition is certainly no exception. This year, Instinct managed to find a cover guy who is not just easy on the eyes, but also knows a thing or two about frequent flying. That’s because this month, The Amazing Race contestant Jaymes Vaughan is opening up his baggage and telling all to Instinct! 

Frequent Las Vegas visitors may recognize Jaymes from his hosting gig of the Chippendales show, but Instinct gets all up close and personal with this Southern boy in this month’s cover story, “The Incredible Journey.” Jaymes shares that though he may have literally been around the world and back for a reality show, it’s his journey of self-discovery that he’s most proud of. From a sheltered, religious upbringing to eventually setting up roots in, of all places, Sin City, this charmer is proving true beauty is, in fact, more than skin deep.

Read the whole article at Instinct Magazine.

And just in case you forgot, here’s Jaymes’s calendar shot from The Chippendales:

Jaymes Vaughan of the Chippendales and CBS' The Amazing Race
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