New Music: Jake Or Jacob “Anywhere But Home This Year”

Jake or Jacob releases new holiday single "Anywhere But Home This Year"
Jake or Jacob (image via Instagram)

Out singer/songwriter and comedian Jake or Jacob recently dropped his new holiday release, “Anywhere But Home This Year.”

“I wrote this awhile ago, and sat on it – it just didn’t feel like the right time,” says the Provincetown resident. “Now, I think it’s perfect. After the last two years, even Christmas wants to shake things up.”

“I LOVE the holidays and listen to Christmas music from July 5 well into February. It’s my favorite genre of music. I think my new holiday tradition is going to be releasing new holiday music.”

“As a comedian, I am always looking at things that everyone else sees as normal with much disdain I’m not afraid to say the other thing and how many of us want to spend Christmas and the holidays ‘Anywhere But Home This Year?’ I KNOW I DO!”

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