Jake Gyllenhaal in new music video by The Shoes

Very violent, but well made I think.

From Spinner.com:

The dark visual is half slasher sendup, half ‘American Psycho,’ (in fact, Bret Easton Ellis tweeted to say that he “really really likes” the video earlier today), a far cry from Gyllenhaal’s recent turn in ‘Prince of Persia,’ or his last video role, playing tennis with Joe Jonas in Vampire Weekend’s visual for ‘Giving Up the Gun.’

“Jake Gyllenhaal and I had been talking about working together on something, and I got sent ‘Time To Dance’ by The Shoes, who are my favorite band, so I wanted to bring Jake in on that,” explained ‘Time to Dance’ director Daniel Wolfe, in an interview with Spinner/RPM. “I pitched the idea to him, and he liked it, which was great.”