Jacob’s Journey

Everyone needs to see this.

Mimi and Joe Lemay share in their own words why they decided to let their five-year-old transgender son Jacob transition and live publicly as a boy.

Experts say children who clearly identify as the opposite gender will benefit from starting to transition sooner rather than later.

From NBC News:

For young children, there is no surgery or hormonal therapy. At this stage, before puberty, transgender children are making a more cosmetic change, Forcier says.

“We let them be themselves. So, they cut their hair and they wear their clothes and they wear their shoes they want. And they wear jewelry or they play with the kids they want to play with and they do the activities they want to do,” she says. “We call that social transition.”

The Lemays understand that some will have a hard time with their decision. But they say they are convinced they did the right thing for their son, and Mimi recently wrote a letter to Jacob detailing their thoughts and feelings about this journey.

“Ultimately Jacob has made that choice in his mind and his heart,” Mimi says. “It’s whether or not we accept it or not.”

Mimi Lemay: “I want him to know how proud of him I am… and how, no matter what, I am in his corner. And, I love him. And I always will.”