Ireland: Survey shows strong support for marriage equality

Ireland: Survey shows strong support for marriage equality

Right on the heels of England and Wales passing same-sex marriage, a new survey shows that a strong majority of Fine Gael members in Ireland’s Lower House, the Dail Eireann, support marriage equality. The Irish Examiner reports:

An overwhelming majority of Fine Gael backbenchers support a referendum extending marriage rights to same-sex couples, a new survey reveals.

The findings blow apart the widely held view that the backbenchers act as a conservative anchor on social reform within the Coalition, and will increase pressure on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to finally state where he stands on the issue.

With 43 of the 50 non-ministerial Fine Gael TDs responding, 79% back holding a referendum on gay marriage, with 19% opposed, according to the Newstalk Breakfast survey.

Factor in that fact that the recent constitutional convention strongly supported marriage equality and that 75% now support marriage equality, next year’s vote looks very good for the LGBT community.

(via Irish Examiner)