InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Instahunk Obaid Habibi

Checking in with our favorite InstaHunks this weekend…

Hunky Obaid Habibi (above), enjoying Ibiza, Spain, reminds us that it’s always beach-time somewhere in the world.

Bremen Menelli is giving you spooky, black and white inspiration by photog Mark Bagang:

Simon Dunn attending the Diva Awards: “The closet I’ve ever been to going on a date with the opposite sex and also the most clothes I’ve ever worn…”

Pierre Vuala can’t believe the summer is almost over; I can’t believe how perfect his pic from the Bahamas is:

After a year of shifting perspectives, designer daddy Daniel Sheehan revisits his “Death to Limits” t-shirt:

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I am really pouring myself into creating today. i wanted to take a break but I coming across so many old samples and pictures from when I started Sheehan&co that my creative thoughts are in hyperdrive. I found a sample of “Death to Limits.” This statement tee was, and is, so important to me. It was important to me before I moved to Georgia because I was at a stage in my career where I was breaking down the limitations society placed on me as a 40 year old designer, finding success and relevance as a model approaching middle age, and never limiting my self expression through my craft. @scotthoying took a photograph with me wearing this very design. I was surrounded by fearless artists making a difference and living unapologetically in California. After a year away my perspective has changed. I have had to acknowledge that limits are very much alive. Freedom is limited, empathy is limited, humanity is limited, and the power to change the world is limited. It’s hard not to be jaded, to force yourself to not to be the glass is half empty type of human being. I had a long run of disappointments and seeing the darker side, a place where we are just not decent to each other and where life is defined by limits. Now, more than ever, I say “Death to Limits!” The new mission, voice, and narrative of my next fashion endeavors will be to break down boundaries and limits with a focus on our youth. Life should be full of limitless opportunities, and freedoms, for ALL of us to thrive as Americans and perhaps what we have lost site of, HUMAN BEINGS. #design #create #fashion #human #igotthis #tshirt

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Randy Kaufman celebrated the end of summer with Portland, Maine, realness:

JD Rainey celebrated National Dance Day at Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas:

Francesc Gascó is in his CrossFit happy place:

Papa Party impresario Eliad Cohen says ‘good morning’ from West Hollywood: