InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in with our favorite InstaHunks this weekend…

Hunky actor BJ Gruber (above) got his CrossFit workout done and done. #sweat

Mario Hervas was a man in motion:

Dan Tai is content with just a beach and coconuts:

ABC news guy Gio Benitez and model hubby Tommy Didario had a movie date night checking out Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood:

Bodybuilder Bremen Menelli is celebrating bulking season:

Austin Wolf got in one last workout here in Barcelona before joining me on Atlantis Cruise’s Mediterranean cruise.

NYC real estate guy Brett Miles had to work this weekend (as a Realtor myself, I feel your pain, Brett):

Max Emerson went camping in Yosemite National Park (funny, I’ve always called this something else…):

And fitness guru Ramses Principe waxed philosophical about learning from failure: