InstaHunk Round-Up: Beaching, Comfort Zones, And 90s Style

Matthew Bishop and friends (image via Instagram)
Matthew Bishop and friends (image via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Matthew Bishop, who beached with his pups.

Jared Leto makes 51 look gooooooood:

Jeff Ribeiroo was feeling the furry Friday goodness:

Hector Fallas went out for a ride:

Sterling Walker took in the Off Sunset Street Festival:

Gr8erDays celebrates actor and ‘zaddy’ Chris Meloni’s 62 trips around the sun:

Okkar Min Maung says “You only see what your eyes want to see,” which is why we see this:

Fabio Costa has clearly mastered the art of the car mirror selfie:

Mario Lopez threw it back 90s style:

Polo Morin paused for a pool pic:

Julio Lara was impressed with Ipanema:

Director Alexander Liu glammed up for the red carpet:

Shomari Francis played in the shower on his birthday:

Flavio hit the crib:

Andre Chandler got fancy:

Christian got out of his comfort zone…

…while Ma~leek got down to the Eagle in Los Angeles:

Jaimie Wilson on why we should listen to trans youth:

JJ Cadwell got down with those Friday vibes: