Indiana Lawmakers Scramble As “License To Discriminate” Debacle Continues to Spiral

I know I’ve been writing a lot about the debacle in Indiana regarding the passage of SB101 – the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

As an interested party, it’s fascinating to see how government will/will not or can/cannot react to situations like this.

I’m captivated watching this press conference today with Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President Pro Tem David Long where said they are prepared to urge legislative colleagues to adapt the RFRA’s language to “clarify” the law.

That sounds good. At first.  But all indications seem to be that they aren’t really proposing any real changes to the anti-gay legislation. The word “clarify” is all they seem to come up with here.

Don’t let the 30 minute time length intimidate you. Just watch the first two minutes. Really incredible to see the two lawmakers scramble to try and get this under control.

It’s of interest to me that they pretend that they didn’t see this backlash coming. At one point, one of the two says that they never heard strong objections over the bill during it’s passage. And yet, I know voices were raised.

Perhaps they thought it would just be a couple of LGBT advocacy groups and some bloggers? Wrong.

Trust and believe they knew EXACTLY what this law was and is. They knew it was born of anti-gay animus.

Over and over they proclaim the law does not discriminate; that it’s a “mischaracterization” and a “misconception” about the law.

Asked if they would consider adding sexual orientation to the state’s protected classes, they rear back saying that would be too difficult for now.

Just… watch the video. Very interesting political theater.