I’m so glad Kevin Hoyt got Cancer!

I’m so glad Kevin Hoyt got Cancer!

“I am so glad Kevin Hoyt got Cancer! Kevin asked me to post this status because he celebrates today all the amazing friends and experiences that he has had as a result of his battle. Let all the Cancer Warriors know that no matter the outcome there is so much more after cancer.”

My friend Kevin Hoyt asks his friends to post that on their Facebook page every year on this day. Kevin was diagnosed with Cancer 11 years ago today, and after his cancer journey, he started the amazing organization “It Ain’t Chemo.”

It Ain’t Chemo is an organization that provides cancer patients with comfort and care supplies, advice, and emotional support. Founded by cancer survivor Kevin Hoyt, It Ain’t Chemo raises awareness for its cause through the endorsements of local and national celebrities.   If you like UFC fighters like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, you’ll find them at IAC events.

I’ll add that Kevin Hoyt is a hero in many ways. In addition to helping those with cancer on their journey, he was already a firefighter. If everyone took adversity and turned it into success like Kevin, blog posts like this one would be obsolete.

On top of that he has a great sense of humor. He and his wife Barb entertain us all just by following along their Facebook status updates.

Take a moment and explore the It Ain’t Chemo website. Maybe buy a t-shirt, check out their news or make a donation. This is a great grass roots organization that really makes a difference.

P.S. Kevin, if you read this: don’t be embarrassed – you’ll probably forget it in ten minutes anyway because your memory is as bad as mine.