Huckabee: no equality for LGBT “experiment”

In case anyone ever wondered why I’m so emphatic about equal rights: here you go.

This man, who ran for president, does not want gays to marry, raise kids or serve their country.

His argument against marriage rights for gays is “the majority voted this way.” Well, the “majority” wasn’t behind ending segregation in the 1960s but it was the right thing to do. The “majority” wasn’t all that keen on women’s rights, but it was the right thing to do. Society evolves.

His argument against gays serving in the military is “military leaders were against this.” That’s not so true. Many military leaders found there would be very little disruption in military service by ending DADT. A few had reservations and are now fully behind the change. Many, many countries around the world have allowed gays and lesbians to serve and it hasn’t affected military readiness a bit. AND the sky hasn’t fallen.

Society evolves kids. The fight for marriage equality isn’t an arbitrary thing. RIGHTS are attached to federal marriage recognition. Over 1,138 specific federal rights. And as tax payers living in a country where all are supposed to be equal, every American should have access to the same rights.

If not, then make “marriage” a totally religious status and require every married couple to get not only “married” in a church, but “civilly unionized” by the government that issues the marriage license and bestows those rights. And make civil unions available to all.

Whatever it takes so that all CIVILLY ISSUED RIGHTS by a CIVIL GOVERNMENT are available to EVERYONE. That is how this whole thing IS about “civil rights.”

I make no claim to changing anyone’s religious practices. But you don’t have to be religious in this country to get married. So technically speaking – these rights at the heart of this argument – are NOT about a church or religion. They are about a government that extends certain rights to one group of people and not another.