How to cook perfect bacon

Ok, who doesn’t love bacon? The smell, the taste, the perfect breakfast meat…

But we don’t all do it great. Some microwave bacon – which is fast but not always great; some fry it – but it can burn easy if the fat cooks slow while the meat cooks fast.

Here’s a tried and true method from America’s Test Kitchens:

First spread out your bacon evenly in a pan on high heat. (Two rules of thumb for however you like your bacon are: always start with a hot pan and never overcrowd it), and cover the bacon with water. You want just enough water to cover the bacon. As Bryan Roof, the chef in this video, explains, water keeps the initial cooking temperature low, which helps the bacon retain some of its moisture and keeps it tender.

When the water starts to boil, lower the heat from high to medium. The water will simmer away, at which point you have to turn the heat down again from medium to low, until the bacon is browned, crisp and ready.

(h/t Huffington Post)