Homeless youth 2012

Homeless youth 2012

Yeah, it’s my birthday and that’s all fun.  But for many homeless youth there aren’t many happy birthdays.  For many homeless youth, who are turned out of their homes by families who can’t handle the fact that they are gay or lesbian, every day is very tough.

As the statistics state: 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and the main reason they are homeless is REJECTION.

I was incredibly fortunate my family never turned away from me, but for many LGBT youth it is a reality to find your family reject you for something that has nothing to do with them.

I’m lucky.  I have a good life.  And I’m lucky enough to know it.

I’m not a “birthday” kind of guy.  But if I got to make a real birthday wish – my wish is that these kids find some solace, comfort and support.  I don’t have much but this “soap box”called The Randy Report, but that’s my birthday wish.  Do something nice for the kids out there that have no support. If I can’t get world peace, a cure for HIV and marriage equality – which admittedly takes more than the actions of one – I’d like to ask this. Anyone can contribute to helping homeless youth if they choose to do so. And it will make a difference in a life.  A very important life.

One great place to start, if you don’t have a place in mind, is the Ali Forney Center in NYC.  The Center provides support and housing for LGBT homeless youth.  They rock and make the most of your donations.

No money in these tough times?  No prob – can you donate time?  That’s my plan.  Instead of planting myself in front of my TV at night, I’m looking at helping out at local support centers here in Las Vegas.  Everything helps.

There. That’s my birthday wish.  Help these kids.


Thanks for reading 🙂