Hillary Clinton’s Eulogy For Civil Rights Hero Edie Windsor

Hillary Clinton’s Eulogy For Civil Rights Hero Edie Windsor
Hillary Clinton speaks at memorial for LGBT civil rights hero Edie Windsor

Hillary Clinton was among the many who showed up today to honor and eulogize LGBT civil rights hero, Edie Windsor.

From Hillary’s eulogy:

The day Edie won, much of America cheered with her. Not with the style or the pink scarf. That was uniquely hers. But with a recognition that a wrong had been righted. Through it all, her strength never wavered. Though she did confess to one moment of panic. The day she saw her name in print as United States v. Windsor. It is fitting that she will be immortalized in history books in that landmark decision – synonymous with equal rights and dignity under the law. But she didn’t stop there. She continued to support the needs and the rights of the LGBT community. She helped change hearts and minds, including mine. And we are forever grateful to her for that.


How she experienced loss, grief, and injustice made her only more generous, more open-hearted, and more fearless in her fight. She refused to give up on the promise of America. There wasn’t a cynical, defeatist bone in her body. That’s especially important for us to remember now. Through her determination and sheer force of will, she brought us another step closer to that more perfect union. Now, in this moment when so much hard-fought progress is hanging in the balance, it is up to all of us to pick up where she left off.

Hillary closed with this quote from poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

“Let us continue to be inspired by Edie’s wild and precious life,” Clinton said. “And let us make her proud every day of how we answer that question for ourselves. Thank you, Edie.”

Really – stop and watch. Really quite wonderful.

For the record – not even a tweet from Donald “Better for the gays” Trump about Edie’s passing.

Hillary said she would be there for us. And there she was today. No votes to be had. Just support.