Hell Freezes Over: Andrew Sullivan “I’m With Her”

Hell Freezes Over: Andrew Sullivan  “I’m With Her”
Andrew Sullivan

Yes, that was a pig that just flew by.

And if you check the temperature in Hell, I’m sure it’s somewhere southward of 32 degrees.

Andrew Sullivan, longtime critic of Hillary Clinton, shared this with his readers this week:

Some readers think I’ve been too negative, even cynical, tonight. Believe me, I am utterly uncynical about this election. I’m worried sick. We need to put behind us any lingering beefs, any grudges, any memories from the past – and you know how I feel about the Clintons’ past – in order to save liberal democracy. The only thing between him and us is her. So – against all my previous emphatic denials – I’m with her now. As passionately as I ever was with Obama. For his legacy is at stake as well.

Here’s how I’d put it. I’m in the final stages of becoming a citizen of this country. I love this country with all my heart. And I want to help save it from the darkest, foulest demagogue I’ve ever come across in a Western democracy.

The Clintons are flawed people. But they are our last hope. That’s all I need to know.

In case you’re not sure why this would register as a “big deal,” Ben Cohen at The Daily Banter breaks down some of the backstory here.

The once conservative Sullivan spent literally decades obsessively going after the Clintons and bought into virtually every conspiracy about them on the market. As previous Banter writer Mark Ames argued, Sullivan’s right wing screeching in the 90’s was largely responsible for wrecking President Clinton’s universal health care legislation.

On Real Time with Bill Maher last year Sullivan was distraught with the prospect of Clinton going head to head with Donald Trump:

“Who’s up against this guy?” he asked rhetorically. “This unbelievably useless, terrible candidate of Hillary Clinton who has shown no… has she ever given a speech that you were inspired by? Does she have any retail skills? Is she able to come across on TV?”

“She’s a talent-free hack.”

I think what’s important here is when you couple this with the speech last night of former Republican/Now-Independent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Democratic National Convention, we’re seeing important political folks from across a broad spectrum coming out to support Hillary.

It’s worth noting that there are five living U.S. presidents – three Democrats, two Republicans – and NONE of them are supporting Donald Trump.

Think on that.

(h/t  LGBT activist Aaron Baldwin)