HBO Documentary: One Nation Under Dog

Americans have always had a love affair with canines, but lost amidst the pampering are unpleasant truths about dog ownership, care and commerce. ONE NATION UNDER DOG: STORIES OF FEAR, LOSS & BETRAYAL offers an eye-opening, three-part portrait of America’s complex relationship with dogs.

The documentary looks at FEAR, LOSS and BETRAYAL in it’s three episodes.

In FEAR, a dog owner is taken to court repeatedly for the aggressive behavior of his Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

LOSS covers the deep grief people can experience over the loss of their dogs.

And probably most difficult to watch, BETRAYAL presents an unflinching look at the issues of overpopulation, shelters, rescuing, spaying and neutering. Approximately two million dogs are destroyed in animal shelters each year.

As regular readers of The Randy Report know, dogs play an important part in my life and always have. I’m aware of how, for some, the responsibility of dog ownership falls short. In my home, Bruno, Bear, Tyler and Bandit have my attention every day. It is a relationship I take seriously.

I’ll be watching ONE NATION UNDER DOG. If you have HBO and love dogs too, I urge you to watch.

Watch Monday, June 19th at 9:00pm.

Thanks to reader Dave for the tip.