Have You Heard About The “New” Rainbow Flag?

You may have heard about the recent kerfuffle regarding the Pride folks in Philadelphia adding black and brown stripes to the Rainbow Flag in an effort to display inclusivity for black and brown LGBTs.

The new stripes opened a can of worms between those who appreciated the added inclusivity and those who think the flag was perfect as it is.

My thoughts?

Whatever gets your Pride on. I’m all about everyone being included. So, if you want to fly an 8 striped rainbow flag versus a six striped flag, have at it.

If you were to ask me which flag I prefer, I have to say the six striped version we’ve all come to love for 40+ years.

Why? Because as an artist I honor the flag that was designed with thought by LGBT activist Gilbert Baker. His flag was based on values, not race – Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Serenity, Spirit.

Baker’s flag was/is fundamentally inclusive of everyone already.

That said, over the years there have been other variations on the rainbow flag to represent certain groups within the LGBT tribe like the bear flag and the transgender flag.

Bear community flag

Transgender flag

At the end of the day, I say go with whatever flag gets your pride up. What matters to me is that everyone get out and proud and visible as your authentic, awesome selves.

Happy Pride, kids!

Watch out my buddy and radio host Joe Votruba share both sides of the (silly) argument.