Happy Earth Day 2012!

Happy Earth Day 2012!

Earth Day
inspires and brings out different actions in
each of us.

I wanted to share with you some favorite suggestions for Earth Day “to dos.” You may want
to adopt some of these ideas and put them on your list of favorite
family activities – for Earth Day or any day:

• Get your “glee on” out in Nature – Get outside, sing a song,
do a dance, have a picnic, BBQ, go camping, walk on the beach or take a
hike. Whatever gets you there, gather your family and spend some time
outdoors. Talk to you kids, introduce them to nature better yet, let
them introduce nature to you! Remind yourself and the kids in your life
of the treasures nature has given us, and why we need to fight so very
hard to protect them.

• Memory Lane Walk Down the Red Carpet “Favorite Earth Day Movies”– Watch, enjoy, lose yourself in the moment and learn something too. Movies for everyone: The Lorax, Chimpanzee, Avatar, Planet Earth, Wall-E and March of the Penguins. Documentary movies for older kids and adults: Queen of the Sun-What are the Bees Telling Us? Tapped, Gasland,
Bag It, An Inconvenient Truth, Revenge of the Electric Car, Moby Duck –
Learn something important., and have fun at the same time.

• Spring Cleaning and Letting the Sun Shine In – Open the
windows wide and get the kids to help you clean them. You’d be surprised
to see what a difference a little water and vinegar, or even just a
crumbled piece of newspaper can do to “shine up” and “clean up” your
windows! Pack up winter clothes, in particular those that don’t fit
anymore and give them to a local charity. Got other items you don’t need
but someone else might use, consider selling them on Green eBay or giving them away at Craigslist,
or Free Cycle! Get your kids to help you change the air filters in your
air conditioner (maximum energy efficiency). Also, make sure there are
no leaky faucets in or outside your house. Change your light bulbs to
energy efficient CFLs or LEDs, and consider putting your outside lights
on timers. Saving energy not only reduces power plant pollution but it
can also save you money too.

• Get “Down and Dirty” – plant a tree, or better yet plan a garden
with the kids in your life. Vegetable, herb, or flower – the garden can
be as big or small as you have room for…Herbs grow great on window
sills, and corn, pumpkins and beans are fun and easy to cultivate and
very cool to watch grow! Have you heard of a rain garden? This is a “trending topic” all on it’s
own and a great way to plan for and mitigate storm water run off that
some of us are having to get used to as heavy rain events are becoming a
more frequent occurrence of our changing climate. Consider getting a
rain barrel too!