Happy 1st Anniversary of Marriage Equality New York!

Happy 1st Anniversary of Marriage Equality New York!

During it’s first year in New York state, marriage equality added $259 million to New York City’s economy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn said today:

At least 8,200 gay-marriage licenses were issued, accounting for more than 10 percent of the 75,000 wedding licenses issued in New York City in the past year, Bloomberg and Quinn said in a statement today, citing a survey conducted by NYC & Co., the city’s marketing and tourism office, and the city clerk’s office.

Prior to the state’s enactment of same-sex marriage, a report from the State Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference predicted gay and lesbian marriages would rake in $391 million in economic activity for New York State during the first three years after going into effect.

So let’s look at all this: happy, shiny married people, more money for the economy, and no one got hurt.

Where’s the downside here?

Happy 1st New York! Celebrate! More wine!