Great blog – Rogeronimo

Great blog – Rogeronimo

My friend Roger Rosen writes a terrific blog, and if you haven’t discovered it yet – DO!

His bio on Blogger refers to him as “Young activist. Old gypsy. Angry gay. Laughter enthusiast. Passionate complainer. Nervous rebel. Word obsessor. Language lover. Early in life baritone. Later in life voice finder. Reluctant non-smoker. One day federally recognized loving husband & step-father.”

From his recent post about making calls on behalf of former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine:

I call because most people don’t truly understand that their representatives will listen to them – and that they tally calls on every issue in “for” and “against” columns.

I call because good people are too often silent.

I call because the voice of the government should not be one more voice that bullies our LGBT children and reinforces the ignorance of bigots.

I call because fear is a successful motivating factor for our opponents and because they use it to great advantage.

I hate to call. But I call because our opponents have no such aversion.

I call.

Because you never know which call will be one that changes the world just a little.

I call for equality.

You can find Rogeronimo by clicking here. And you can follow Roger on Twitter – @rogerirosen