Grace and Gratitude Renewed – Olivia Newton-John

Grace and Gratitude Renewed – Olivia Newton-John

So it was a year ago this month that Olivia Newton-John released her fantastic CD “Grace and Gratitude Renewed” to critical acclaim.

On top of everything else she’s done in her career – one of the longest recording charting artists in the history of Billboard Magazine – she debuted at #2 of the New Age Billboard chart which was a completely new chart for her music. And we’re talking a 40+ year music career.

I honestly love this CD. As many Randy Report readers know, these songs accompanied me through my own personal cancer journey. The songs, on a daily basis, reminded me to love myself and to think in a broader global view.

If you have not discovered this fantastic collection of songs, I invite you to hit the link and take a listen. Don’t let the “new age” label fool you. In a different day, many of these songs could have been radio hits.

I hope you take a minute to explore. Whether it’s a peaceful Sunday morning, or quiet evening at home, these songs really help you to center, peace out and reflect.

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