GOP Presidential Candidates Fundraising Totals Q2

GOP Presidential Candidates Fundraising Totals Q2

From DailyKos: So far, we mostly only have press accounts to go by, as few Republican presidential candidates have actually filed their paperwork for the second quarter with the FEC.

But what we do know is that the entire GOP field combined doesn’t match President Obama’s fundraising total for Q2:

Mitt Romney: $18,250,000
Ron Paul: $4,500,000
Tim Pawlenty: $4,500,000
Jon Huntsman: $4,100,000
Michele Bachman: $4,000,000
Herman Cain: $2,460,000
Newt Gingrich: $2,000,000
Rick Santorum: $582,348
Gary Johnson: $180,237

That adds up to about $40 million, give or take. However, the total fundraising isn’t even quite that good, though, because it includes a $2 million donation from Jon Huntsman to himself, and another $2 million transfer from Michele Bachmann’s congressional committee to her presidential committee. (That is, the money was raised prior to this quarter.)

Meanwhile, Obama pulled in $47 million on his own, plus another $38 million for the DNC. By way of comparison, Obama raised $33 million in the second quarter of 2007, almost double what Mitt Romney pulled in this time.