GOP-led House of Representatives votes to sue President Obama

So, instead of getting something done on behalf of the American people before heading off to a month-long vacay, the Republicans in the House took time to vote on suing the President for actually getting something done.

Just so we all know who is being sued over what – from the LA Times:

The House approved the resolution in a near party-line vote, 225 to 201.

It authorizes House Speaker John A. Boehner to file suit in federal court on behalf of the full body “to seek appropriate relief” for Obama’s failure to enforce a provision of the Affordable Care Act that would penalize businesses that do not offer basic health insurance to their employees.

That provision’s effective date has been delayed by the administration twice and now won’t fully take effect until 2016.

The GOP-led House has voted to repeal the law, even as it seeks to sue Obama for failing to enforce it.

So, the Republicans are suing the President because he didn’t enforce a law that they don’t even want.

Got it?