Good samaritans save man from burning car

The university math students heard the crash, saw the smoke and knew they had to act quickly.

A motorcyclist had just collided with a car and was pinned beneath the flaming, twisted metal wreckage. 

Disregarding their own safety, they rushed to the street and lined up with more than half dozen others on one side of the car. Within moments, they managed to lift the roughly 4,000-pound car just high enough for one rescuer to pull Brandon Wright to safety.

“The danger? I didn’t think about it for a minute,” said James Odei, 35, a doctoral candidate from Ghana who is studying statistics. “All I wanted to do was grab that car and raise it.”

For their actions, the rescuers are being called “heroes” and “angels” — their few minutes of heroics was captured on video and has gone viral on the Internet.

The man they saved — the 21-year-old Utah State University student — is grateful.

“I’m just very thankful for everyone that helped me out,” Wright told The Associated Press by telephone from his hospital bed. “They saved my life.”

We don’t hear enough about selfless acts like this.  While I’m sad to hear of the misfortune, it’s heartening to know there are still selfless people who rush in to help.