Glad I spent my money: HDMX Jam Classic Wireless Speaker

Glad I spent my money: HDMX Jam Classic Wireless Speaker

Ok – so other than some entertainment projects (music, film, theater, TV), I rarely recommend specific products.


Lately, with a lot of travel on my plate, I’ve become aware of how inadequate my laptop’s built-in speakers are.  And I really need to hear music when I travel.  Plus, if I’m watching a TV show and the sound is low, well, that’s no fun. 

So I started looking for something that would travel well (read that: SMALL) and still have decent sound.

What I didn’t want to do was spend money on something that sounded cheap or underwhelming.

Which is why I’m writing about this cool, powerful, great-sounding and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker I am so happy with. (And no – I’m not being paid by the company that makes them).

Here’s the name: HDMX Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I really expected that whatever I got would sound really “tinny” and small.  And this is definitely not that.  I can’t believe how good the sound is – especially for only $49 (which was what I paid at Best Buy).  You can find the HDMX Jam Classic on Amazon for only $36!

No wires since it connects via Bluetooth, so it’s great for any hotel room.  Or streaming your iPhone music in the backyard. Apparently it connects to your iPhone, laptop or tablet up to 30 feet away.

It’s more than loud enough.  And some decent bass is in the mix, too.  So even if not for travel, but for your home office or bathroom or anywhere, really – this is a surprisingly good option.

So, there you have it.  I had to share because I like mine so much.  The Randy Report isn’t a “product promotion” site, but since I personally bought this and feel I got my money’s worth – I thought I’d share.  Happy listening!

Here’s the link to find it on Amazon.