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Get Your Airline Tickets – Someone Is About To Attempt The World’s Biggest Orgy

So, who’s up for breaking the record for the world’s biggest orgy?

An organization called Menage Life has sent out a clarion call for folks to come take part of what they hope to be a record-breaking event in Las Vegas on June 2.

The goal is to get 1,000 folks to check in and put the sin in Sin City. The previous record was in Japan with a paltry 500 people in 2007.

According to Las Vegas Weekly, participants will have to pay to play.

Players must purchase an appropriate Sin City 8 pass (for the orgy, couples are $200 and single women are $25) and arrive with a registered partner (no single men are allowed) and photo ID before getting down.

And mutual consent will be strictly enforced by onlooking security officers “who are members of the lifestyle,” according to the website. Those making advances without permission or failing to heed the word “no” will be removed from the premises.

Participants will also receive free condoms, lubricants, towels, hand sanitizer and other sex complements, with event organizers promising a clean space with clearly marked and separate receptacles for waste and linen disposal.

Menage Life will also distribute masquerade party-style masks for those requiring discretion, setting the stage for a giant, Eyes Wide Shut-like fantasia.

Now, gay couples aren’t mentioned in the info, so maybe you and the bf go check in as a couple.

Or, find a gal pal to attend with you. I have a feeling if the men attending are all swingers, someone is going to have an itch you can scratch.

Anyway, if groups – and I mean BIG groups – are your thing… check it out.