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Gay Hotelier Ian Reisner Lied Regarding Making Campaign Contribution To Sen. Ted Cruz

Quisling NYC businessman Ian Reisner

Boys, boys, boys. You’ve GOT to get your act together and your stories straight.

For weeks gay NYC hoteliers Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass have been in trouble with the NYC LGBT community because they held a “fireside chat” with virulently anti-gay Sen. Ted Cruz last month.

Initially, the two men were “surprised” by the uproar saying they didn’t really understand the degree to which Cruz opposes LGBT rights. And they stressed that the evening was not a fundraiser of any kind.

“There were no checks given, it was nothing like that,” Reisner told New York magazine.

Next, came the community boycott of their businesses including the niche hotel The Out NYC, followed by a full-on “apology tour” stressing that they will work hard to regain the gays’ trust.

That lasted a couple of days until Weiderpass published an attack on the LGBT community including one passage calling the gays “cheap.” Now there’s damage control for you.

“It is amazing that my businesses are being boycotted by some because I hosted a discussion with an elected official. Not a fundraiser. Not an endorsement. A dialogue,” wrote Weiderpass in an op-ed for The New York Observer. “Despite media reports to the contrary, I did not organize the Cruz dinner, but did embrace the opportunity—again, in a non-fundraising setting—to discuss a number of important issues, including support for Israel and support for gay rights.”

Well, the proverbial “other shoe” dropped today as the New York Times reports that Reisner actually DID write a check to Cruz’s campaign – for the maximum amount of $2,700.

It was only AFTER the scandal escalated that Reisner apparently asked for his check back – probably because the donation would should up on Mr. Cruz’s campaign finance filing when it becomes public in July.

“In the interest of transparency, I gave Senator Cruz a $2,700 check to show my support for his work on behalf of Israel,” Mr. Reisner said in a statement he provided after The Times learned of the donation from two people with direct knowledge of it. “When I realized his donation could be misconstrued as supporting his anti-gay marriage agenda, I asked for the money back. Senator Cruz’s office gave the money back, and I have no intention of giving any money to any politicians who aren’t in support of L.G.B.T. issues.”

Bolding is mine.

Umm, yes Mr. Reisner, contributing to a politician’s campaign is generally seen as supporting their positions. Unless you inherited all your money, there’s no way you could be a successful businessman and not understand such rudimentary concepts.

It just keeps getting worse for these guys.

Interestingly, when asked about the $2,700 check, Reisner’s buddy Weiderpass seemed “surprised” to learn about the donation as he attended an event last night at New York’s Marriott Marquis hotel.

And guess who also just happened to attend last night’s event?

Yes – Sen. Ted Cruz.