Gay family holds funeral for the hideous Prop 8

The fabulous Leffew Family, who has become public advocates and activists for LGBT family rights after the passage of Prop 8 in California, shares this “funeral” for Prop 8.  They have shared their lives in a series of YouTube videos which have both inspired and moved thousands.

Perhaps a tad premature, but the LGBT community and our allies hope to see the end of this hideous law end before the end of this month.

Here’s a note from the family about this video:

My family has been fighting Prop 8 under the name Gay Family Values since Prop 8 became law in 2008.

Since then we have been working to educate the public about the injustice of Prop 8 and laws like it by showing our family as it really is day to day. We had hoped to change the minds and hearts of people who may not understand that laws like Prop 8 strip LGBT men and women of vital legal protections and that many of us have families and Prop 8 made us into second class citizens. Our family has put our heart and soul into fighting this law and we hope we have entertained as well as enlightened.

However, now that Prop 8 on the verge of being done away with for good we needed a way to say goodbye to the law that launched us into activism and has been such a central part of our lives.

Please take a moment to watch and share this video and help us give Prop 8 the send off it deserves.

Thank you,
The Leffew Family