Funny: ‘Bad Boy & The Gilmore Girl’

Funny: ‘Bad Boy & The Gilmore Girl’

The ‘Bad Boy’ is back with a new video!

I’ve previously shared the Bad Boy adventures of ‘Scott’ (Artie O’Daly) and quirky bad boy ‘Mack’ (Tony Harth).

Mack always has an interesting take on reality, but forever cute in his dorky way.

In this episode, upon hearing of Mack’s love for the TV series Gilmore Girls, Scott invites a neighbor in his building who happened to have been a star on the show, to drop by.

Vanessa Marano, who actually played the polarizing character of ‘April Nardini’ on the show, guest stars.

And then, things get, well, Mack-y.

Watch below.