Full Video Of Covington Catholic HS Debacle

Hit play to watch the full incident between Covington Catholic High School students and Native American elder Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips stopping several feet between two groups on the Lincoln Memorial mall

A witness to the entire Covington Catholic High School debacle mocking Native American Nathan Phillips recorded the entire incident and posted it to YouTube.

The first hour and twelve minutes are the African American group on the Lincoln Memorial mall having their own protest. Along comes the Covington teens, and things get tense.

Around the 1:12:00 mark, Phillips enters the scene with his drum, clearly intent on diffusing the tensions before they escalate. He clearly stops yards away from both groups. The teens then approach him.

Some students from the school have attempted to say Phillips was the aggressor with the boy. We do not see Phillips step up to the primary MAGA-hatted teen in the other videos.

This video doesn’t show the close-up of the Vietnam Veteran and the boy, but it does support Phillip’s story – along with several witnesses – that he was trying to stop something before it escalated into worse.

Hit play and the video will start shortly before we see Phillips.

In an email exchange with a reporter at Heavy.com, a woman who claimed to be the teen’s mother said that it was Phillips, who she referred as “this man,” who was drumming close to the teen’s face.

She added that the students were harassed “by black Muslims,” later identified as members of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The Covington Catholic mother wrote, “Shame on you! Were you there? Did you hear the names the people where calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping trying to get something to futher (sic) your narrative of hatred?? Did you know that this “man” came up to this one boy and drummed in his face? Shame on you. Only reporting what you want. More fake news.”

Somehow, the woman was attaching the behavior of the African Americans to the Indigenous group, who we don’t see yelling any profanities in any video at the teens.

When the Heavy reporter thanked her for the correspondence and explained that it would be added to the story, she demanded her emails be erased.