Paul McCrane, who created the role of Montgomery in the iconic movie FAME, has been a steadily working actor ever since. Long roles on series like ER, 24, CHAMPS and now HARRY’S LAW, have kept him in demand.

The movie FAME was released my senior year of high school just as I was beginning to fully embrace my passions for theater and creativity, who I was and who I was heading to become. That pretty much sums up the point of FAME. The soundtrack became the soundtrack of my life for the next several years. As I went off to college for four years of a music theatre degree I lived what the kids in FAME did in many ways. Eating, sleeping, breathing my passions. Figuring out who I was and if I was going to be alright with that.

A lot of people don’t know that Paul McCrane also wrote the song “Is It OK If I Call You Mine” which he performed in the movie FAME. He apparently still gets checks from the soundtrack sales to this day.

In the season finale of HARRY’S LAW, he performs the song again, 31 years later.

In some ways, I’m still doing my own song and dance from 31 years ago. When I think about that, I sometimes wonder if I should grow up.

Other times, I realize I already have.