Fox News’s own business analyst pops the balloon on Newt Gingrich’s energy plan

Fox Business News analyst Liz Claman drops by Fox News to get to the truth about Newt Gingrich’s “energy plan.”

Taking it point by point, she makes clear it really wouldn’t work, and it really wouldn’t give the US “$2.50 a gallon gas.”

Says Claman: “Even the Transcanada people say [Keystone XL pipeline] would only shave 3 Or 4 pennies off the price” of gas.

This is what I’ve been saying here on The Randy Report: the oil market is a global market. For the most part, there’s only so much that can be done here in the US to affect the price of oil in the world. And gas prices are rising right now NOT because of President Obama not taking steps to do so – it’s happening because the world market is focused on the situation in Iran right now.

The Fox News hosts clearly aren’t thrilled with the news.

Gets a bit chilly on the curvy couch. Watch.

(Video from Media Matters)