Fox News spends 15 seconds on World AIDS Day

And people wonder why I say Fox News is biased.

From Media Matters:

According to an Equality Matters analysis, between December 1 and 2, Fox News spent 15 seconds acknowledging World AIDS Day – one mention on America’s News HQ informing
viewers that they could watch the president’s remarks on

CNN and MSNBC spent 10 and 20 minutes discussing World AIDS Day,
respectively, with both networks airing significant portions of Obama’s
commemoration speech.

Keeping things in perspective, Fox News spent more than four minutes between December 1 and 2
discussing Serge Vorobyov, a man who threw $1,000 in dollar bills off an
escalator in the Mall of America on Friday, November 29.

So let’s recap: World AIDS Day –  :15 seconds, Mall of America Money Thrower – 5:00 minutes.

Got that?  “Fair and balanced.”