Fox News ends interview after guest calls Fox News “a wing of the Republican Party”

Author and Pulitzer prize winner Tom Ricks had his time cut short on Fox News after pointing out that Fox News’s coverage of the Benghazi attacks has been inordinately heavy during an interview with the conservative network on Monday.

Ricks, who has written extensively on the American military, called Fox an “operating as a wing of Republican Party” that “hyped” the Benghazi attack as a faux-scandal.

Later, a “news staffer” told Ricks that he was rude while he was on air. Ricks’ segment, according to an interview he gave with the New York Times, was about “half as long as planned.” 

“I had told the producer before I went on that I thought the Benghazi story had been hyped. So it should have been no surprise when I said it and the anchor pushed back that I defended my view,” Ricks told Politico. Ricks also told the New York Times that he was going to discuss the “lack of combat readiness of some Army units” but he never got the opportunity,. “They seemed to lose interest in that,” he said.

(via ThinkProgress)