Fox and Friends runs anti-Obama campaign ad as “journalism”

Watch the latest video at

Note that Fox & Friends isn’t playing a campaign ad or a YouTube spot from an outside political action committee.

Nor does this come from the production company of one of its opinion-program hosts. The video starts with “Fox and Friends Presents” on the screen, making this an explicit argument from the news channel itself. This is a four minute video – not a casual comment thrown around here or there.

Should a news organization produce and publish attack ads like this? If anyone wanted to look for evidence that the overall Fox News organization intends to campaign against Obama rather than cover the campaign, this video would be difficult to refute as evidence for that claim.

While the video attempts to make an argument against another four years of President Obama, that shouldn’t be the job of news-reporting organizations.

And the remarkable thing was the the hosts on the couch for this show had the audacity to present it as journalism and congratulate the producer who put it together.