Former Speaker Of The House Tom DeLay: Americans Should “Rise Up” Against Any Pro-LGBT Ruling By SCOTUS

Former Speaker of the House Tom DeLay

On Thursday, Dennis Hastert, ex-GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives, was indicted on charges he paid off a man he sexually abused decades ago.

This brought to mind former GOP Speaker of the House Tom DeLay, who has had his own run-ins with the law (in 2005 he was indicted for criminal charges of conspiracy to violate election law).

DeLay stopped by Houston radio host Sam Malone’s show to tell the listeners that Americans should “rise up” against any ruling by SCOTUS that favors the LGBT community:

“The Supreme Court is about to put out a ruling on marriage and they have no jurisdiction to do so, they shouldn’t have even heard this case, they have no right to redefine marriage and hopefully the American people will rise up and really undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.”

It goes without saying that the Supreme Court’s role in the government is to rule on any laws that are found to be unconstitutional. That is literally what the founders of the US created the judicial branch of government to do.

(via Right Wing Watch)