Former Gay Escort Now Straight After A Year Of Celibacy

Dominic Hilton says a year of celibacy turned him heterosexual
(image via Instagram)

A former male escort says he’s now straight after a year of celibacy.

According to The Mirror, Dominic Hilton resolved to take a year off from having sex after breaking up with his last boyfriend on Christmas Day 2017.

Now, after 365 sex-free days, Hilton plans to begin dating again, but he says he feels no attraction to men and he’s looking to date women.

The mental health worker, who came out as gay at the age of 14, told The Mirror, “Sex is always something I enjoyed, but this past year, that sexual attraction to men has just gone.”

“I’d been wondering if perhaps I was bisexual, and attracted to both men and women, but now, I just don’t find men attractive anymore,” he says. “I have no intention of sleeping with a man again.”

“If you’d have asked me in the past if a person can change their sexuality, I’d have said no – but I’m living proof that you can,” he adds.

Hilton is getting some media attention lately having appeared on the UK dating show, Naked Attraction, where contestants meet potential dating partners for the first time naked.

Hilton is open about the fact that when he was 18-years-old he worked as a male escort for a couple of years. But he gave that up to become a ‘serial monogamist.’

He estimates he has had between 100 and 150 male sex partners, but now wants to settle down with a woman – although he’s never had sex with some of the female persuasion.

“I’ve had sex with men, but not women, so I want to find an open-minded girl I can lose my virginity to,” says 27-year-old.

That said, Hilton admits being honest about his gay past with prospective females on dating apps can “shut down a conversation.”

He says many women stopping communicating with him once he shares the news. “I told one girl, and she ended up blocking me an hour before we were due to meet which was hurtful.”

Hilton says he understands some people don’t understand his new heterosexuality, but says this isn’t a phase.

“I have no doubt that I am straight,” he declares.

And he definitely recommends celibacy to folks who might be feeling “a little lost in life.”

“Even if you don’t go a whole year, just take some time and focus on yourself – you may be surprised at what you learn.”

(h/t The Mirror)