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Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Secretly Recording Hookups And Selling To Porn Sites


Earlier this summer, I reported on the arrest of Bryan Deneumostier, a Florida man who tricked men into being blindfolded for sexual encounters he secretly filmed for a porn website.

According to the Miami Herald, the victims would connect with Deneumostier via Craigslist and then head to a home in South Miami-Dade for an anonymous sex-capade with a ‘bored military housewife.’

The men apparently agreed ahead of time to be blindfolded or wear blackout goggles. What they didn’t realize was the ‘bored housewife’ was actually 33-year-old Deneumostier who, once the men were unable to see and had their hands tied to a chair, would perform various sex acts like oral sex and record the episodes for a website called ‘Straightboyz.’

Over the course of four years, Deneumostier was paid $3,000 a month for video content by the porn site.

The Miami New Times now reports that Deneumostier admits that more than 80 of the men didn’t know they were being recorded.

In June, Deneumostier was charged with two felony counts of recording people without their consent, as well as three counts of keeping improper records for his porn site.

However, on Thursday, he agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors which only included charges of recording two victims in May and July 2015.

Deneumostier now faces up to ten years in prison.

That’s not the end of legal woes for Deneumostier, though.

In May, police arrested the 33-year-old in a hotel room with an underage boy who had been reported missing.

After seeing leather handcuffs, lubricant and other sex toys in the room, Deneumostier copped to spending two days having sex with the boy after giving him alcohol and drugs.

He was charged in state court for having sex with a minor.