#FlashBackFriday – The Red Dress Event

#FlashBackFriday – The Red Dress Event
Yours truly back in 2007 for the Red Dress Event in Las Vegas

I stumbled across this pic from the Annual Red Dress Event here in Las Vegas when I was invited to be a part of a photoshoot for the fundraiser back in 2007.

Who am I to turn down a photoshoot in a red dress? 😉

The annual charity event is organized by the Sin City Sisters is dedicated to creating HIV/AIDS awareness and visibility and raising funds to assist HIV+ people in Southern Nevada with their medications. All attendees are required to wear a red dress/skirt/kilt/toga/whatever in order to get in to show unity in our community.

The Sin Sity Sisters have been a non-profit organization for over eleven years. They exist as “an order of 21st century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of omniversal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt.”

Our ministry is one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration. We work to raise money for our Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP). We advocate for queer rights and visibility and conduct safer sex outreach. We work to affirm the value and beauty of all persons and particularly within the queer community. We strive diligently to keep our sense of humor, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun.

The annual event benefits SADAP which assists individuals in the community regardless of race, age or gender.

The program has distributed over $600,000 in medication assistance since 2006 helping hundreds of HIV+ in Southern Nevada.

Good work, sisters!