“Five Things”

“Five Things”

Five things.

1: Believing in yourself is not a substitute for working on yourself.

2: If you surround yourself with people who think you can do no wrong, you may spend the rest of your life mistaken.

3: Grace, tolerance, and kindness are easier when you are winning, and more difficult when you are losing. Try practicing these principles with the guy who has the sandwich when you are starving.

4: Writing a narrative in your head about your talent, who you are, or what you have done is not a substitute for living.

5: Having a truly open mind involves believing nothing permanently.

Via  Facebook page of Marcus Lovett


Usually with lists like this, I scan down and think to myself “agree, agree, umm not so much, yeah that one is true”…

Every one of these “things” rings true for me. Every one.

Let me know what you think.