Fists Fly As School Board Votes To Recognize Pride Month

Fists Fly As School Board Votes To Recognize Pride Month

Close to 500 people showed up to protest outside a meeting of the Glendale Unified School District board, which was scheduled to vote on recognizing June as Pride Month.

Footage from ABC7 showed chaos as fists flew in the parking lot. Police in riot gear kept the pro-LGBTQ group and the conservative protesters separate for the most part.

From the local ABC News affiliate ABC7:

Three people were arrested for various charges, including allegedly using pepper spray and obstructing officers, according to the Glendale Police Department.

A dispersal order was given just after 6 p.m. and additional police resources were requested “to ensure the safety of the Glendale community would not be compromised.”

The school board was set to adopt a resolution recognizing Pride Month, which has been done for the last four years. However, a shelter-in-place order disrupted the meeting as a brawl happened outside.

Board members later unanimously adopted the resolution to declare June as Pride Month.

Glendale school officials say the Pride recognition is nothing new and has been happening since 2019. However, the resolution is presented for reconsideration annually.

In an effort to prevent what school officials say is “harmful disinformation,” a curriculum fact sheet regarding the LGBTQ+ topics covered in the classroom was released online.

From the fact sheet:

Elementary curriculum related to diversity, including LGBTQ+ issues, is focused on highlighting all different types of families.

Elementary curriculum does not include specific information about LGBTQ+ or gender identity.